Core Sample Access

Core sample access is crucial during core drilling stages of mineral exploration. UCP half height channels allow for quick and easy analysis of your core samples. As opposed to full depth channels which often trap the core sample inside, making to difficult to remove when needed. UCP core trays have a channel half the height. Thus allowing for quick and easy placement or removal or core samples. This can be for a variety of reasons such as cutting, coring, lab analysis and more. The robust nature of the steel body also ensures that, despite the half height channel. Core samples remains in tact when placed in the trays. Preventing material from falling out, becoming cross contaminated or lost during transport.

Despite the half height channel. UCP core trays robust body holds core samples within, and in tact with relative ease. Even on inclined angles, the samples will not roll or fall out. In addition, they allow geologists, (such as in the image to the left). Easy access to the cores for later analysis. The edges of a full height channel do not interfere with the users own hands and he can continue to tale measurements or collect further data as he requires.

An example of a geologist analysing a core sample at base. Note with ease due to the fluid access to the core sample held within the core tray.

Another benefit to a half height channel is the clearer view one received when utilising core photography systems. With out a higher channel edge, the core samples benefit from additional natural light or of that of a camera flash. Furthermore, the samples are not impeded on either sides. Therefore resulting in a much clearer overall image of your core samples.

An example of efficient access to core samples, in this case for photography

To view other design benefits of UCP core trays and how our range of products can help streamline your drilling project and keep your core assets safe and secure. Click on the link below.