UCP Core Trays

UCP Core Trays provide users with an innovative, safe and efficient core sample storage system, all in an effort to protect your drilling projects greatest assets. Your core samples. Designed by professionals and industry geologists, UCP core trays offer a host of benefits which will positively impact your project operations.

Design and Benefits

Ergonomic Design

Easy, lightweight and robust design for field and site use.

Core Access

Easy viewing and access to fill core samples without fuss.

Stacking Design

Stack upon each other to reduce footprint and efficient transport.

Efficient Assembly

Supplied flat pack, easy to assemble, patented snap design.

Embossed End Labels

Embossed end labels eliminate hand writting errors.

Reduced Transport

DIY design allows for more cost effective transport per pallet.

HS Conforming

Designed with safety in mind, no sharp edges or corners.

Drainage Holes

Drainage holes at ends of the tray allow for outward flow od liquids.

Secured Assets

Optional lids provide additional security and secure your assets.

Why Choose UCP Core Trays?

UCP core trays are used in geological mineral exploration to store and transport rock and mineral core samples during ore drilling projects. These trays are designed to keep the samples organized and protected during the entire exploration process, ensuring that the samples remain in their original state without any deterioration.


Their manufacturing process uses high quality zincalume steel, an integrated locking system that secures the samples during transports and, embossed end labels. They are also designed with drainage channels that prevent water accumulation, which can cause the samples to become contaminated or degraded.


Using UCP core trays in geological mineral exploration is vital for professionals who want to gather accurate data from the field. The trays allow for seamless sample collection and analysis, and are an essential tool for any geologist or mining engineers.

UCP Core Trays and Efficiencies

UCP Core Tray Specifications

  • Capacity: 6.79m
  • Core Tray Dimensions: 1045 x 370 x 50mm
  • Core sizes: 0 – 36.4mm
  • Carton Dimensions: 1050 x 380 x 380mm
  • Meters stored per Carton: 169.75m
  • Depth Markers included: 57
  • 2 Paint Markers included per Carton
  • 25 units per Carton
  • Capacity: 4.85m
  • Core Tray Dimensions: 1045 x 370 x 62mm
  • Core sizes: 36.5 – 50.5mm
  • Carton Dimensions: 1050 x 380 x 390mm
  • Meters stored per Carton: 121.25m
  • Depth Markers included: 41
  • 2 Paint Markers included per Carton
  • 25 units per Carton
  • Capacity: 3.88m
  • Core tray Dimensions: 1045 x 370 x 74mm
  • Core sizes: 50.5 – 63.5mm
  • Carton Dimensions: 1050 x 380 x 420mm
  • Meters stored per Carton: 97m
  • Depth Markers included: 33
  • 2 Paint Markers included per Carton
  • 25 Units per Carton
  • Capacity: 2.91m
  • Core Tray Dimensions: 1045 x 370 x 97mm
  • Core sizes: 63.5 – 85mm
  • Carton Dimensions: 1050 x 380 x 430mm
  • Meters stored per Carton: 72.75m
  • Depth Markers included: 25
  • 2 Paint Markers included per Carton
  • 25 Units per Carton
  • Safe and secure for transport
  • Additional protection for assets
  • Available for all core tray sizes​​
  • Clip or slide on and off
  • Does not impede stack-ability function
  • 25 Lids per Carton

If you are interested in securing UCP core trays for use on your mineral exploration drilling project. Or simply wish for further details, specifications or a quote. Please do not hesitate to contact via the contact form below.

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