Our Team

To deliver a professional, friendly and efficient service to your mineral exploration and drilling projects needs. Where ever you are, worldwide. 

Nitesh Patel. Bsc (Hons) - Geology

Managing Director

Nitesh has nearly 20 years experience in the supply of geological and earth science solutions. Ranging from educational and collectors material. To field tools, sampling equipment and drilling solutions for mineral exploration. Starting his career at Northern Geological Supplies Ltd in 2005. Nitesh obtained a Bsc (hons) in geology in 2010, becoming a shareholder and director in 2015 Overhauling the company with many modernisations, exposing it to a global market. In 2023, Nitesh sold his shareholdings back, seeking to establish his own geological equipment supply business. A mere six months down the line, Falcon Geological Supplies amassed a respectable amount of customers the world over.

Paul McCormick Mining Geology Consultant

Paul McCormick. Bsc (Hons) - Geology, MSc. Environmental Geochemistry​

Mining Geology Consultant

Paul McCormick is one of Nitesh’s many mentors over the years. An accomplished scientist as well as a retired mining geologist. He met Nitesh through Northern Geological Supplies Ltd. Where Paul had been a consultant for Scandinavian and UK rocks and minerals to Nitesh’s former business partner. Paul himself is an accomplished researcher, retired mine geologist, former art gallery owner and owned and/or managed a number geological themed gift shops over the years. Including the 'Rock Shop' in Ambleside, Lake District, UK and the Fossheim Steinsenter in Norway Paul parted ways with northern geological supplies, to assist Nitesh in establishing Axial Exploration and Drilling Supplies Ltd. Here, he assists in mining exploration related inquiries and offers advice relating to geochemistry.

Andrew Morisson - Consultant

Andrew Morrison . BSc (Hons) Geology, MSc Micropalaentology

Oil and Gas Consultant

Andrew and Nitesh worked together between 2010 and 2012 forming a close friendship. Andrew later obtained a BSc (Hons) in geology and an Msc in Microplaeontology. During which time, he formed a number of network links with industry professionals, particularly  in oil extraction and well drilling. Both remaining close friends ever since. Later, Andrew would begin his own business venture, starting a brewery company with an earth science theme. The 'Strata Brewery Co'. Before later relocating to the Cayman islands in 2021 for further work opportunities. With his background however, he serves as a consultant for Axial Exploration and Drilling Supplies Ltd, particularly in earth science and oil/gas related geology inquiries.

Saul Harisson - Meet the Team Photo

Saul Harrison (Director - Strata Northwest Ltd)

Plant and Power Tool Equipment Consultant

Saul Harrison is an accomplished company director and plant machinery operator and mechanic himself. Undertaking a number of civil groundwork projects for local authorities. He is the companies plant machine operator, driver and mechanic for its vehicles and rented machinery. Having himself worked on civil archaeological excavations where machinery and earth moving were required. Saul has developed a keen eye for the land around him and has been involved in bulk supplies of rock and minerals to Nitesh during his previous position. He provides machine operation sevices to Axial Supplies, adding such methods of loading and unloading, particularly on larger jobs to ensure the company remains committed to efficiency and to health and safety, allowing for our team to make use of mechanical means of movement as opposed to manual methods.

Caitlin Palmer

Content Creator

Caitlin Palmer had previously worked under director, Nitesh Patel previously at his former company. There, she displayed excellent workplace ethics, quick learning, administrative skills and current social media trends which were then used to market products more efficiently. Currently in her first year of university, where she is reading Geology. Caitlin provides content creation and social media administration for Falcon Geological Supplies. Updating the companies Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages. As well as creating or modifying blog posts which the company puts up relating to the mining sector, tools and equipment or general interesting news regarding geology and earth sciences.

Peter McCormick - BSc, MSc, Architecture - FA

Business Consultant

Peter McCormick offers his consultancy services to Axial Exploration and Drilling Supplies Ltd. He was instrumental in crafting the businesses 'Five Year business' Plan. Advising on numerous aspects of business and administration. Himself a retired Fellow Architect with over 50 years of experience as well as being a partner in his own successful architecture firm in the heart of Edinburgh.  Having decades worth of experience in business, including customer services, administration, product promotion. Advising the company on additional methods in how to garner a foothold in a niche industry as well as continued growth following its establishment.