UCP Core Tray Stacking Pods

Efficient and practical, multipurpose archival core storage system ideal for the safe storage and transport of asset samples. Made to hold UCP core trays. The core stacking pods can be assembled to hold up to 28 core boxes per pod and can be stacked four pods high. 

This provides your site with an efficient core storage system which takes up a smaller footprint and aids in safer transport of your samples.

Stacking Ability:

UCP core storage pods are designed to stack upon top of each other to a maximum of four pods high. (The legal limit). Each single pod can hold a total of:

  • 26 BQ core trays
  • 18 NQ core trays
  • 16 HQ core trays
  • 12 PQ core trays

Efficient Transport:

Even fully loaded, the core storage pods are designed in a manner which allows users to easily move them around any core storage shed or warehouse with ease simply using a stacker truck, forklift or pallet jack.

Health and Safety:

The UCP core storage pods adhere to modern site rules and regulations in terms of health and safety. Easy to transport, safe to use, stable and lacking any sharp or pointed areas of contact.

Economical transport:

The storage pods are supplied ‘flat pack’, in loose parts which you can assemble easily onsite. Requiring minimal tools, this method of supply reduces overall cost of goods and later transport costs. The savings of which can then be passed onto you, the end user.