Our Green Policy

In a society where we must think ahead for the sake of those who will follow us, a world where we now, more than ever, be keenly aware of the effects we have on the planet. Axial Exploration and Drilling Supplies Ltd intends to implement and uphold a Green Policy which we hope will reduce our own negative impact on the environment and society.


These methods range from re-using packaging, to recycling our waste to procuring material made completely, or at the very least partly from recycled materials and so on. Below, we have described a number of methods which we at Axial uphold to ensure we are doing our part for the environment and our planet.


Axial Exploration and Drilling Supplies Ltd uses standard card board cartons or in some cases, Enviro-Boxes to dispatch many of its orders, (except where the order is deemed very heavy, in which case standard cartons are used). Enviro-boxes are made from between 60% to 90% recycled material and in turn are recyclable. In addition, the processes in which they are manufactured results in a 30% saving in CO2 emissions. Made in conjunction with the Waste and Resources Action Program. All cartons used are recyclable in your paper waste.


We use paper padded jiffy envelopes to dispatch small mail orders as opposed to bubble wrap or fibre filled alternatives. This means the envelopes we dispatch your postal orders out in, are also recyclable in your usual paper recycling bin.


In addition, we use paper ‘Documents Enclosed’ wallets rather than plastic, further adding to ease of recycling for our customers.


In addition to the environmentally friendly cartons and envelopes, here at Axial Exploration and Drilling Supplies, we also use recyclable packaging material to pack out voids in cartons or wrap up goods. These include card bubble wrap, biodegradable fill, kraft paper tape and more. Meaning once you have unpacked your order, you can simply throw out the entire carton, packaging and all into your paper recycling waste disposal.In addition, some of the packing items are also made themselves, from recycled material(s).

Electrical Usage

Axial Exploration and Drilling Supplies Ltd does its utmost to reduce its electrical usage, as such, all appliances used within the main premises are energy efficient. In addition, the company does not keep nor run needless appliances it no longer requires or are deemed, outdated.


Recycling is an integral part of our modern society and Axial Exploration and Drilling Supplies also does its part in this as well. We at Axial dispose of our waste adequately in the appropriate onsite waste disposal bins, separating out paper and card from general waste. We will at times also re-use cardboard box if possible that we have received in the past.


Paperwork containing sensitive information is disposed of correctly by confidential shredding and recycling services.

Polythene Sample Bags for geological sample on mineral exploration or drilling projects.


Where ever possible, Axial Exploration and Drilling Supplies has also sourced or worked with members of its supply chain in order to procure products, particularly, those considered, consumables, to be recyclable or made completely or in-part from recycled materials. It can be difficult, but we endeavor to continue to do all we can, so that we too, can pass on this to our clients, meaning, that we are all playing our part in doing what is best.


Left: An our polythene geological sample bags are now recyclable.

Onsite Packaging Supplies

Axial Exploration and Drilling Supplies Ltd keeps it carbon footprint down as best it can where ever possible. In the case of it’s packaging. It’s supplies are procured from a box manufacturer and packing supplier based within the same business park as Axial Supplies and as such, any supplies required are purchased and transferred between premises by hand as and when required. This eliminates transport costs and emissions of a delivery vehicle. (It also allows our team to stretch their legs and get a little exercise!)