Schmidt Test Hammer – Type L

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Proceq Schmidt test hammer intended for use by geologists, geotechs, civil engineers and other industrial parties to measure and determine the strength of rock. The type L model is suitable for brittle rock and core samples and can measure up to 0.735 Nm.


  • ISO/DIS 8045
  • EN 12504-2
  • ASTM D 5873

Schmidt Test Hammer is a range of scientific measuring instruments available in various models. This particular version is the ‘Type L’ model and is suitable for use by geologists, geotechnical or civil engineers, or construction and highways. It allows you to determine the strength of rock and stone, including brittle rocks and core samples.


Furthermore, it is portable and inexpensive, the instrument works with a pin hammer function. By releasing this pin by an internal spring, impacting against any surface you hold the hammer against. The energy is measured, detecting up to 0.735 Nm, and is viewable on the side display along with a scale. The data you obtain is comprehensive, read directly from the curve ranging from 10 to 70 MPa (1,450 to 10,152 psi).


Therefore, the Schmidt Test Hammer is a highly accurate instrument, for use in a range of sectors for strength testing purposes. Whether that be mine tunnels, rock faces alongside highways, geological outcrops, and more. You can use the Type L hammer with NQ or larger core specimens or block specimens having an edge length of at least 6 cm. The apparatus comes with a grinding stone, an operation manual, and a sturdy carry case. Additionally, the device measures 150 x 400 x 150 mm and weighs 2 kg. Therefore, making it lightweight and portable for field use.

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