Stacking Design

Stacking design function of geological core trays allow for the trays to stack upon top of each other without damage to the samples below. This feature is beneficial on drilling projects for a number of reasons. It provides users a method of protection of their core samples, whilst simultaneously allowing for sequential organisation of the cores. It also

As mentioned, UCP core trays are designed in a manner in which they can sit upon top of each other whilst doing not damage to the samples in the tray below. Further, this method of storage also protects the core samples. As the tray on above, acts as a lid for the tray below. The unique design of the core tray allows them to lock into place. This further protects the samples overall, preventing sliding during transport. Though it is advise that long distance transport they are secured with strapping. 

Stacking design of UCP core trays detailing how they neatly sit upon top of each other - in a core shed

Stacking of the core trays can be done either in the core shed or in the field. While still offering the benefits mentioned earlier. The trays above also act as a guard against the elements for the ones below. Acting as a lid of sorts. Therefore, users may only need to purchase a small quantity of core tray lids. In order to cover the top most trays only. This further reduces costs while still providing the company and your project with all the benefits that UCP core trays have to offer.

Stacking design of UCP core trays exhibited in the field on a mineral exploration drilling project.

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