Chinagraph Pencils


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Chinagraph pencils (also known as grease pencils) are suitable for on-site use in surveys, construction, and mineral exploration. They have a peel-off outer layer, eliminating a pencil sharpener. The grease lead within is water-resistant and fade-resistant, ensuring your markings remain intact over a long period of time, and can mark on a variety of surfaces, such as wood, glass, stone, and so on. Therefore, they are particularly useful on mineral exploration projects, particularly during the drilling stages, where you can mark core samples. Available in five colors and supplied in packs of 12 pencils.


Chinagraph pencils also known as china markers or grease pencils. They are a common item in use by exploration geologists. Either on mineral exploration projects or core drilling sites. The pencils are made from a greasy type of wax which clings to most surfaces it touches. Due to its grease content, it is also waterproof and fade resistant. No melting, crumbling or washing away. Whether it be on a hot or cold surface.


Due to these properties, chinagraph pencils can also mark on most rock and stone surfaces. Providing it is flat enough. In particular, they are often required when marking on notes or points of interest on core samples. Additionally, cut slabs of stone or cubes of rock for geotechnical engineering tests also can be marked by them.


Their design means they do not need to be sharpened, once the marking nib becomes to short, simply peel back the markers wrapping to expose more. Available in five optional colours. These can be chosen depending on your requirement. For example, the paler colours will stand out better against dark rocks or backgrounds. And vice versa. They are supplied in units of 12 pencils. Made in Korea to a high standard for field use. Make sure to note down important points such as mineral veins, fractures of gaps on your core or rock samples.

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