Sola Inclinometer


£105.00 ex VAT

The Sola magnetic inclinometer for use on drill rigs on drilling sites, geological surveys and mineral exploration projects. The instrument attaches to a drill rig mast via a strong magnet and provides users with the orientation and angle of drilling a bore hole or extracting core samples. The face 12 cm in diameter with black print for easy reading against the brass background and a spirit level for accuracy.

Sola Inclinometer is a magnetic instrument often in use on mineral exploration projects. Particularly, the core drilling phase of the survey. Thanks to its magnetic attachment, it easily fixes to a drill rig mast without the need for screws, bolts of rivets. Furthermore, it can then be easily removed when necessary. It aids in the orientation and angle of drilling, providing level and degree readings for the users, geologists and geotechnical engineers.


The Sola Inclinometer features an acrylic disc on the front. Displaying quadrants, (four sets of 0° – 90° degrees). It additionally displays protractor scales on the same side. Toward the bottom of the face, you will find a spirit level which ensure accurate readings by the users. The liquid in this level is of a specific mixture, so as to have anti-static properties.


This dial is secured onto an anodised backing plate. It is of high quality construction, being able to be read in a variety of environments, within temperature ranges from -20 °C to +60 °C.

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