DEWALT Protector™ Safety Glasses


£5.50 ex VAT

DeWalt Protector™ Safety Glasses (or spectacles), suitable for a myriad of uses to protect the users eyes from projectiles, particles and kick backs from power tools. Suitable for use on drilling and mining sites where plant machinery or strike tools may be in use. They feature clear lenses with ToughCoat™ protection and an ergonomic, lightweight design for comfort.



  • EN1661F standards
  • 99.9% UVA/UVB Protection

The DeWalt Protector™ Safety Glasses are suitable for site use where power tools or other machinery may be in use as well as for geological field work and mining or quarry sites for protection of your eyes against ejected material. It is recommended that if undertaking any rock breaking, that you always wear safety goggles. The Protector™ safety glasses feature an ergonomic, ultralight design that provides an extremely comfortable fit for both men and women. ToughCoat™ hard coated lenses give protection against scratches, ensuring the lenses stay free from scuffs. The distortion free lens reduces eye fatigue and is made from polycarbonate, to protect against impact resistance. The rubber-tipped temples provide a secure, comfortable fit and are clear

  • Conform to EN1661F standards. Offer 99.9% UVA/UVB Protection

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