PVC Gauntlets

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PVC gauntlets available in large size only providing protection against onsite work with chemicals which can cause irritations or corrosion on the skin. 40 cm in length with long cuffs to cover and protect the forearms with a soft cotton lining inside for comfort and warmth.


  • EN 420:2003
  • EN 388:2003
  • A1:2009.
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PVC Gauntlets are suitable for on site work where chemical are going to be used, as a means to protect your skin from irritants or corrosive chemicals and liquids.  These gauntlets are 40cm (16in) in length, which keeps your forearm protected and safe while handling such chemicals which can include acids, oils and more. A soft cotton lining provides added comfort inside. Overall, they have a slim design and are fairly light weight for both user comfort and protection. Available in large sizes only.

  • Conforms to EN 420:2003, EN 388:2003+A1:2009.

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