Edelman Clay Auger Head


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An Edelman auger head for clay based and rich soils and will drill and core a hole into the material with ease. Made from non toxic, tensile steel with a proven design for efficient use. The head can attached to an extension rod with bayonet coupling for rapid assembly. Available in various diameters, this head is an excellent all rounder for a multitude of sediment sampling projects.



  • Soil type: clay based
  • Material: non toxic steel
  • Strength: high tensile
  • Diameter: Various options available
  • Coupling: bayonet
  • Finish: none

Edelman clay auger head is an excellent soil sampling tool. The head design features a wider opening between the blades than other models yet a slightly narrower twisted tip. Therefore, it is suitable for use in clay-rich soils and sediments, which can often cause other auger heads to become stuck. Furthermore, it makes pulling up and removal of the clay material easier as well, which in turn produces a deeper hole for analysis.


The Edelman clay auger head production uses non-toxic steel with high tensile strength. This ensures that your soil samples will not incur contamination from the auger head. Quite common with sticky, clay-heavy material. The tensile strength stands up to heavy workloads, additionally, it allows users to produce more torque through the auger when sampling.


The tool provides a proven design that results in optimal drilling and coring. This auger head attaches to the optional extension rods using a bayonet coupling. This results in quick, easy assembly and disassembly onsite. Meaning you have more time to perform sampling, rather than unpacking and packing back up. The head is available in various diameters to suit your particular project requirements.


Note, this product is only for the auger head itself. You will also require at least one extension rod and a T-bar handle to operate correctly. To view these items, please click, HERE.

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