Brunton Grain Size Card


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A grain size card made by well known compass manufacturer, Brunton. Printed onto semi-transparent plastic in the shape and size of a credit card. The printing details various grain sizes, roundness indexes and sorting illustrations and scales which field geologists can use to determine sediments and sedimentary rock properties.

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A grain size card manufactured by famous compass manufacturer, Brunton. The card is printed onto semi-transparent tough plastic and details for users, the various different grain sizes and sorting of sediment as well as angular indexes. In addition, a mm scale is depicted at the top as well and can be used as a field scale. These cards are ideal for student and professional geologists to estimate grain sizes, sediment sorting, such as from soil and sand samples or samples from stream beds and for measuring roundness indexes to determine how angular or rounded a rock sample is. The card is made by Brunton in Riverton, WY, USA.


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