Geological Sample Ticket Book – Double Counterfoil


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Geological sample ticket books, double counter foil for mineral exploration geologists undertaking field sampling. Waterproof with sequential numbering. These elongated books detail various pre-printed empty fields for field and mining geologists to note down sample specifics, such as lithology, date, project, grid reference, and more. Each page has a consecutive number printed in red along the top which refers back to the corresponding tickets. Each book contains 100 leaves, giving users tickets for 100 samples worth. The books have been designed by Axial Exploration and Drilling Supplies Ltd and are printed and bound in the UK on waterproof paper. Suitable for use alongside our range of sample ticket books and tags.

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  • Dimensions: 210 x 80 mm
  • Tickets: Double (two tickets per page)
  • Leaves: 100
  • Sampling amount: 100 samples
  • Total tickets: 300 tickets
  • Material: waterproof paper with card back

Sample ticket book for geological and mineral exploration projects. Such tag books feature 100 pages within, each featuring a six-digit number that sequentially follows from the previous page. In addition, each page has adjoining, two tear-off tickets, (also known as counterfoils or tags) which further feature the same sequential number sequence on the main page.


The geological sample ticket books’ main pages contain pre-print basic layouts with empty fields. Suitable for the user to note down necessary field and sampling data during a mineral exploration or drilling project. The fields include Project, date, sampler, grid reference, sample type, lithology, hole number, depth, and space for additional comments.


The front cover of the sample ticket book details a return address box while the back is made from a thick card. This not only keeps the ticket book in shape but also provides a flat writing surface. Suitable for the users whilst they are out in the field. To view our range of geological sample bags, which work perfectly alongside our ticket books, click HERE.


The book overall measures, 200 mm x 70 mm and is on waterproof paper, features a front cover, 100 ticket pages, and a hardback.

  • We can also print custom designs and/or numerical sequences. To keep in line with your company’s needs, image, or pre-existing code system.

Should you require a triple counter foil book, (with three tear-out tickets per page). Please click HERE.

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