800 x 900 mm Polythene Sample Bags

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800 x 900 mm large size polythene open top sample bags for the holding of geological samples on mineral exploration or drilling sites. Samples obtained by geologists can be stored in the polythene bags made from recycled plastic, each bag measures 80 x 90 cm and is 1000 gauge in thickness with a double welded base, intended to hold heavier weights up to 50 kg.


Ideal to use along with our range of sample ticketbooks and tags.



  • Material: Polythene, (recycled)
  • Dimensions: 800 x 900 mm
  • Thickness: 1000 gauge, (254 um)
  • Base: none gusseted, double welded
  • Top: Open
  • Colour: natural clear

800 x 900 mm polythene sample bags for holding and transport of geological samples. This can include aggregates, mineral ores, rock chips from drilling projects. Further, they are also suitable for wet or dry soil and sediment samples.


These 800 x 900 mm polythene sample bags are a moderate-size bag. Thus are suitable for moderate-size specimens or amounts of material. The plastic is 1000 gauge, (254 μm) in thickness, meaning it is fairly thick enough for weights of up to 30 to 50 kilograms kilograms. The material in the manufacture of these bags is from recycled plastic and the bases are double weld for additional strength. They are transparent, allowing for viewing of the contents quickly without having to open the bag.


Suitable for mineral exploration and core drilling projects, often where numerous samples are taken, such as rocks, minerals, soils and more for geochemical, mineralogical or land remediation and assessment needs. They prevent cross-contamination when used correctly and are robust for transport. In addition, cable or wire ties can be used with them to close the top opening.


These are often in use alongside serial sequence site logging. Such as sample ticket books and tags. You can view, HERE.

To view our range of commonly used polythene sample bags, please click, HERE.


  • We are able to produce custom-size polythene sample bags at custom thickness. In addition, we can also produce said bags with UV inhibitors, to prevent the breakdown of the plastic in the sun. For further details or a quotation, please click, HERE for the contact form or email us directly.

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