Heavy Duty Cable Ties


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Heavy duty cable ties are often required on mineral exploration or drilling and sampling sites. Particularly where numerous samples are being taken, often being stored in polythene bags or polywoven sacks. The ties enable you to quickly and safely seal shut the openings. Preventing loss of sample material whilst on site or during transport elsewhere, such as back to a lab. This particular tie measures 300 mm in length by 7.6 mm wide, making it suitable for heavy-duty use. They are easy to grip, wet or dry and quick to seal. Supplied in bundles of 100 ties.



  • Length: 300 mm
  • Width: 7.6 mm
  • Colour: natural, off white
  • Tensile strength: 55 kg
  • Conformity: UL94V2 – flame resistance


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Heavy duty cable ties are ideal for onsite use in order to seal the larger-size sample bags shut. Particularly those of polythene or woven polypropylene sacks. These ties fit the bill for most onsite work for heavy loads. Measuring 300 mm in length and 7.6 mm wide. They are wide enough to easily grasp with either your bare hands or gloves. Even in wet conditions, thanks to their texture surface providing grip. Each of the heavy duty cable ties has a tensile strength of 55 kg, and so will handle most manual weights one would expect to work with on-site. Additionally, they have a low threading force for quick and easy installation. All edges are also smooth and/or rounded off, making use with bare hands safe. Furthermore, they conform to flame resistance in accordance with UL94V2. Available in a minimum bundle of 100 ties up to a full 1000 pack.

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