Laboratory Pulverizer


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Laboratory Pulverizer is suitable to set on a bench top within a lab or a sturdy surface within a field office or camp. It is an excellent add-on to the laboratory jaw crusher. Reducing material that has been output by the crusher, further down to 72 microns. Therefore, it is suitable for sample particle reduction or aggregates and mineral ores for sample preparation. Such as assay, metallurgy, or XRF analysis. Which often require fine powder to work with. Making it particularly useful within the mineral exploration sector. It accomplishes this thanks to pulverizing plates, powered by a 1HP, Single Phase, 230/50Hz motor. Measuring only 54 x 28 x 26 cm and weighing 32 kg, it is fairly easy to move around as well as transport between project sites when needed.


  • Motor: Baldor 1 horsepower, fully enclosed
  • Power: Single Phase, 220V / 50 Hz
  • Plates: options available
  • Max Feed Size: 6.3 mm
  • Output Size: approx 74 microns
  • Collection: Stainless steel collection tray
  • Overall Dimensions: 54 x 28 x 26 cm
  • Weight: 32 kg

Laboratory Pulverizer

The laboratory pulverizer is an ideal bench-top machine one can use to reduce smaller size particles into fine powder. Materials to reduce, include aggregates, mineral ores as well as construction materials such as concrete and glass. For this reason, it is also an excellent addition to use alongside the laboratory jaw crusher. The jaw crusher can reduce particle size in order to further reduce powder in the pulverizer. Its base, size, and weight make it an ideal piece of equipment for either lab or field site use, providing there is a power source and sturdy surface to place it.


Fields of Application

This particular pulverizer finds use in a number of sectors, such as the mining sector, geotechnical testing, and the testing of construction materials. For the majority of our clients, this will likely be useful in mineral exploration and metalurgy. In particular, to reduce small particle samples down to a fine powder. This can be for mineral assay testing or XRF analysis. Often, where fine material is required in order for further analytical equipment to work optimally.


Motor, Feed Size, Plates, and Output

The laboratory pulverizer is made in the USA and features a 1 HP Baldor, fully enclosed, 220V/50Hz motor. These provide power to plates, which are 3 inches in diameter. Plates are available in three options, depending on your testing requirements). The plates can be operated forward or in reverse rotation, which ensures even plate wear. At a maximum, the particle feed size is 6.3 mm which when passed through the pulverizer, is reduced and output to 74 microns, (0.074 mm).


Specifications and Other Features

Overall, the pulverizer takes up 54 x 28 x 26 cm of space. The machine rests on a frame that you can place on a sturdy laboratory bench top or other similar flat surfaces or floors. It weighs 32 kg which although quite heavy, is markedly lighter in weight in comparison to other, large-size pulverizers. This makes this benchtop version suitable as a long-term investment option for companies. Particularly those which will explore multiple sites. As it can be shipped from one location to the next with relative ease. An all-around excellent bench top machine for field and lab use.

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