Norton Clipper CM401 Masonry Saw

SKU: CM401 600

£2,800.00 ex VAT

Norton Clipper CM401 Masonry Saw is a modular design junior bench saw suitable for cutting natural hard rock. It boasts a Honda GX200 petrol engine which offers you 6.5 Hp of power. Additionally, it allows for a maximum cutting depth of 150 mm and a length of 600 mm. Therefore, it is suitable for use in a core shed to cut core samples but also for geotechnical engineering use. In order to cut natural rock samples into size or cubes, for testing of physical properties. In addition, it has a water nozzle and hose attachment, allowing for wet cutting, and reducing dust inhalation. It can be easily transported due to its light weight in comparison to bench saws. The legs fold out and lock into place for safety.



  • Engine: Honda GX200
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Power: 6.5Hp/4.8kW
  • Cutting depth: 110 mm or 150 mm
  • Cutting Length: 600 mm
  • Max material height: 280 mm
  • Blade capacity: 350 mm/14 inch or 400 mm/16 inch diameter
  • Dimensions: 660 x 1510 x 1380 mm (W x H x L)
  • Weight: 118 kg (excluding blade)
  • HAV rating: <2.5m/s²



Norton clipper CM401 masonry saw is ideal for mineral exploration and geotechnical investigation use. Particularly if you are cutting cores or samples at a length of 60 cm or less. This version of the machine takes petrol and is, therefore, suitable for site use where electricity is intermittent or none existent. Such as on virgin sites which have yet to obtain power access. It boasts a Honda GX200 petrol engine which offers you 6.5 Hp of power. With the correct blade, this will allow you to easily cut through even natural hard rock such as granites, marble, diorites, and so on.


Being a junior masonry saw, it has a modular design for portability, being fairly easy to transport in comparison to complete bench saws. Coming in at 118 kg. It features its own table top with pop-out legs, is secure, and will remain in place for safety. The saw head is above the moveable table which you can pull down easily with a handle above the blade guard. An emergency stop button can also be found in this area as well. You can fit either 350 mm or 400 mm diameter saw blades into the machine. Which in turn allows you to cut either 110 mm or 150 mm depth into the material. While also allowing you to cut up to 600 mm in length. Suitable for most half-length core samples in addition to natural rock samples up to 280 mm in height.


The Norton Clipper CM401 Masonry Saw also features a sliding table that you manually push or pull. Additionally, it comes with a water hose nozzle attachment, enabling wet cutting. A must when dealing with natural stone, negating inhalation of toxic dust particles. It is an excellent, small-size saw, particularly useful for the early stages of a mineral exploration project. Such as during the drilling or lab stage. Additionally, the saw is useful for those in the geotechnical engineering sector, in order to cut natural rock specimens for testing purposes.

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