Fluorescent Green Flagging Tape


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PVC flagging tape for the marking out of surveying sites, safety areas, exploration boundaries, forestry work or sporting and entertainment events. The tape is made from vinyl, fluorescent green in colour and is easily visible in the outdoors, against opposing background colours. Each roll is 100 meters long and 25 mm wide and is flexible enough to be wrapped, tied or knotted around other objects such as posts, fences, trees and robust plants.



  • Material: PVC
  • Colour: Fluorescent green
  • Length: 50 meters
  • Width: 25 mm

Fluorescent green flagging tape is suitable for demarcation purposes on a number of applications and sectors. This particular roll is fluorescent green in colour and thus is suitable for use as a high visibility safety barrier on sites. Additionally, it is also useful on projects where the surrounding environment may be of opposing colours such as grey, orange or red. As the green will stand out better, being more visible in such instances.


Production of these tapes is towards the mining sector. Therefore you can be sure to receive a high quality, tough tape for site use. Using high-quality PVC which is both strong, flexible and elastic. The flagging tape features no adhesives, therefore you can manipulate it, in a multitude of ways. Able to twist and bend and even tied up as and when you need. Such as wrapping around trees or tying around stakes in the ground to form a makeshift barrier. Though highly flexible, the tape can be torn by hand allowing you to produce the necessary length you require. Furthermore, you can also write on the tape by either biro or marker pens.


Fluorescent green flagging tape rolls provide 50 meters in length of tape which at 25 mm wide. This fluorescent green colour of the tape is ideal for use in mining or quarry sites or even archaeological digs, as the green colouration contrasts with the otherwise earthy or grey colours of rock. However, those in other sectors and industries will find a use for it as well. Including construction sites, sporting or musical events as well as general use as a safety barrier.


If you require or prefer wire marker flags instead or tape, please click, HERE.

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