Soil Auger Extension Rod


£99.00 ex VAT

Soil auger extension rod for use with soil auger heads, to connect the handles. Additionally extend the reach of the auger into the ground. Allowing you to core and sample deeper into soil, sediment or material to be analysed. Made from high-quality, non-toxic metal, coupling sleeves are included to seal the bayonet connections and provide additional strength and security.



  • Soil type: any
  • Length: 50 cm or 100 cm
  • Material: non-toxic steel
  • Strength: high quality
  • Coupling: bayonet, coupling sleeve included
  • Finish: none

Soil auger extension rod – available in either 50 cm or 100 cm lengths. These items fix your auger heads and handles, further allowing you to produce more torque when coring. In addition, providing you with a means to drill deeper into the ground and thus, obtain samples from lower depths.


The soil auger extension rod features non-toxic steel, thus your downhole and samples will not be contaminated. This is particularly useful should you be analysing the soil for traces of metallic elements. Using production methods that result in high-quality steel with solid strength. These extension rods are robust for field use a number of times over.


To view our range of auger heads to use with these extension rods. Please click, HERE.

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