Wire Survey Marking Flags


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Wire survey marking flags for land surveying and demarcation. Each flag measures 127 x 100 mm in size and is adjoined to a 760 mm long thick wire which can be inserted into the ground, cracks or gravel and pebbles. Providing easy, highly visible markers on a site, no matter the sector. Waterproof, fade and moisture resistant. Made in the USA from high-quality 4 Mil vinyl, we offer a superior quality flag over our competitors. Available in seven colours and supplied in bundles of 100 flags, with discounts available at breaks of 500 flags and 1000.


  • Flag Material: Vinyl, 4 mil, (101 microns)
  • Mast: 15.5-inch gauge, steel wire
  • Flag dimensions: 127 x 100 mm
  • Mast height: 760 mm
  • Colour: optional, seven colours available
  • Bundles: 100 pcs

Wire survey marking flags

Wire survey marking flags are in use on many sites for various sectors and projects. Featuring a colour flag that stands up to the weather, elements, and site hazard. They are on a steel mast which you can insert into areas to ensure the flag is visible. The production of these flags takes place in the USA and uses high-quality vinyl. With the steel wire mast, you can insert it into various areas. Including the ground, walls, soft materials, and more. Additionally, you can manipulate the mast somewhat, allowing you to secure it into awkward angles.




Wire survey marking flags are suitable for demarcation purposes, they allow you to pinpoint areas of interest or mark out routes and trails. We can supply them in seven colours, each colour being useful in its own way, depending on the overall site environment. For example, colours such as white, blue or red are often suited to forestry and agriculture applications. As the colours contrast in comparison to the green foliage of the surrounding trees and plants. Pink, White and yellow are suitable in mineral exploration or mining projects as they in turn contrast against the darker rocks. Colours such as orange and green often indicate a safety aspect on site. Overall, we have available, the colours, blue, red, and white, as well as fluorescent green, orange, yellow and pink.



Other Applications

Our range of wire marking flags has found use in other sectors outside of mineral exploration. One of our largest clients uses them for groundwork and landscaping projects. Further sector uses include land surveying, grading, forestry, and agriculture such as crop and cattle marking or pesticide posting. Construction, including utilities, trenching and earthworks to mark out areas of planned work, pipes, lines or hazards. Highways and maintenance, landscaping and hardscaping. However, they have also found use with other activities, particularly at sporting events to mark out routes and trails for running and cycling.




Each flag is made from 4 mil thick, (101 microns) vinyl, ensuring a thick, yet flexible amount of material. Being of higher quality than cheaper versions found with other suppliers. These flags will stand up to the elements. Thanks to their textured surface, they will not crack and easily withstand strong winds. Also, being fade and moisture-resistant. Each flag is rectangular in shape and measures 127 x 100 mm, more than adequate for visibility on various projects and sites. Affixed to a 15.5-inch gauge, steel wire mast, which is 760 mm tall. Our range of flags comes in bundles of 100 pcs with the flags wrapped up for protection during transit.



Flagging Tape

If you require flagging tape instead of wire flag markers, please click, HERE.

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