Aluminium Sample Tags


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Effective for the safe notation of field data on samples, made from aluminium and card, allowing users to either write or emboss the information they wish to record. Each tag is 75 x 25 mm in size and comes with a wire tie. Ideal for field and outdoor or greenhouse use as they will not rust or fade in the sun.


  • Size: 75 x 25 mm
  • Material: Aluminium with card core
  • Rust proof and UV proof
  • Write with any implement
  • Wire ties included

Aluminium sample tags are an efficient, cost-effective way for marking or noting your samples. In addition to points of interest, stakes, and more. They are waterproof and UV-proof, so will not fade or run in the elements. Measuring 75 x 25 mm in size, each tag can have information by embossing. Either by use of a ballpoint pen or permanent markers.


the aluminium sample tags ties allow for fastening to a sample, stake, bag, plant, or more using the wire ties which come with them. An excellent product for setting out marking systems on-site or in a garden nursery. Suitable in a range of industries they are ideal for noting data referring to rocks, minerals, fossils, plants, seeds, insects, sediments, soils, and more.


If you prefer or require paper-based tags, you can view our buff paper tags by clicking HERE.

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