Rock Chip Trays

Rock chip trays are long trays containing a set number of separate compartments. They are often used on mineral exploration projects during the drilling phase. Typical where shallow sampling is being undertaken. As the material at such depths is more often than not fragmented, loose chips or sediment.

Compartments Prevent Cross Contamination

A rock chip tray is split into a number of compartments. Depending on the model, there can be wither 20 compartments or 10 compartments. 


The compartments prevent mixing of your samples in relation to the down hole. Ensuring the data obtained back at a field lab is accurate.


The lid of any chip tray also features a closure which seals the tray and compartments. Preventing mixing of the contents, even if held incorrectly or dropped.

Rock Chip Tray Compartments
Accurate Sample of Downhole 

In general, the compartments of a rock chip tray are 25 mm wide. The length of the chip trays allow for a continual glimpse of your downhole from surface to end. 


It is standard procedure to mark the downhole on the inside of the lid. This is for future reference as chip tray samples, much like core samples. Are kept indefinitely, as elements within the sample which may not be economic at the time of sampling, may so be in the future. 

Marking and Labelling Chip Trays Samples

Our range of rock chip trays are made from plastic, which can be written on and the ink remains so, once dry.


During mineral exploration projects involving such trays. It is also required for field geologists to not only mark the interior of the tray. But also the lid, and both ends. 


Information often marked include a sample number and depth range. This ensures that the information can be read from both ends or the lid. As and when necessary not only from the current field geologist. But also from those looking to analyse the sample well in the future.

If you require rock chip trays on you geological projects. We stock both 10 compartment versions, which lock together to make 20 or more. Or standard 20 compartment rock chip trays. 

You can view them by clicking on the link below as well as our range of chip tray accessories. 


Posted by: Caitlin Palmer – Content Creator