Field Notebooks

Field notebooks are an integral part of any persons kit who undertakes work outdoors. Which users often refer to as field work. It allows users to note down important pieces of information pertinent to the subject being studied or objects analysed. In addition, field sketches, map notes, calculations and more can also be written down as well.

Hard backed

Higher quality field notebooks will often have a hard back to them. With work often being undertaken outside. Users will often find themselves without a flat, sturdy surface to use to take notes or create field sketches. Therefore, a hard back allows users to essentially have such a sturdy surface to work on, all of the time.

Rite in the Rain 540F Field Notebook Hard Back Example
Waterproof Paper Example
Waterproof Paper

More often than not, those who work in the field will find themselves caught in, less than favourable weather conditions. Often being rain, sleet, snow. Or even water spraying off from drill rigs and so on. For this reason, it is important to ensure your field notebook contains pages which are waterproof.

Some notebooks use cotton rag-bond paper, which while, not waterproof, if strong and dries out quickly. Where as books like those by Rite in the Rain, are paper, coated in a waterproofing solution. Making them completely waterproof and somewhat, wipeable.

Page Layouts

The majority of field notebooks have pre-print page designs and layouts. Which allow users to easily organise their notes and write down data in an existing template. This make reading back the notes at a later date much easier as well. 


These layouts are often specifically suited for particular users. Such as those in engineering, ecology, expeditions and so on. While some are completely plain, allowing for complete user experience.

Chartwell Field Notebook Layout
Field Notebook Page Layout
Geological Page Layout

Some notebooks contain lay outs specifically for geological field work. With exploration geologists and those working with sampling and drill cores. Featuring horizontal lines, alternate pages with plain layouts for sketches. Horizontal lines for entering dip and strike data and so on. 

This is particularly true for the Rite in the Rain 540F Geological Field Notebook, on the left.

If you require a field notebooks for your line of work, whether is is engineering, botany, ecology, geology, mining and so on. Please click the link below to view our range. Including those by Rite in the Rain, Chartwell and our own produced notebooks.

Posted by: Caitlin Palmer – Content Creator