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Breithaupt Kassel 

A family and brand name for a series of precision instruments for leveling, measuring, orientation, observation and more. They have however, risen to become a well known name within the mining sector, geology academia, mapping and mineral exploration. They are every bit, the phrase. “German Engineering”.


Royal Beginnings

Breithaupt Kassel is a precision instrument manufacturer based in Germany. Where, over 260 years ago, it came into existence for then, German Royalty. Established in 1762 by founder Johann Christian Breithaupt(1736-1799). Announced as a Hofmechanicus. (Head Mechanic) in producing instruments for dukes and royal courts.

During his time as such. Johann Christian Breithaupt produced various, precision distance measuring devices for use in construction, architecture and the sciences. One notable example being the Mauerquadrant. An astronomical observation device installed at the Kassel astronomic observatory.

Johann Christian Breithaupt
Johann Christian Breithaupt - Founder of Breithaupt Kassel
Original Design for Breithaupt Mining Theodolite
Innovation in Mining.

In 1798, the first mining theodilite is developed by family member, C. W. Breithaupt. consisting of a conical pivot on flexible stands for mounting instruments, and oil lamps as signals. The conical pivot becomes standard and norm within the industry. Revolutionising mining and mineral surveying.

Second Generation:

As with any business, ensuring capable hands are ready to take the reigns and move the company into the future is essential. Friedrich Wilhelm Breithaupt (1780-1855) and H. C. W. Breithaupt (1775-1856) continue their fathers work. Expanding their then present workshop and working on development and supply of astronomical, geodetic,topographical and physical instruments.

Second Generation Breithaupt Family
Friedrich Wilhelm Breithaupt (1780-1855) and H. C. W. Breithaupt (1775-1856).
Breithaupt Kassel mining theodolite
Breithaupt Kassel - New Mining Theodolite
Third Generation:

In 1831, Friedrichs son, Georg Breithaupt (1806-1888) joins the company, in turn renaming it to, “F. W. Breithaupt & Sohn“. A name, many still refer to the company by to this day.


Fourth Generation:

Friedrich Breithaupt (1840-1907) and Dr. Wilhelm Breithaupt (1841-1931). This brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company. Bolstering it’s standing in the industry.

End of Part 1

Part 2 Coming Soon

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