Breithaupt Kassel Compasses - Part 2

Fifth Generation

Dr. Phil. Georg Breithaupt (1873-1957) joins the company. Aftfer which, number of industry awards are received and innovations in instruments and production are made. A new production facility is also opened in Adolfstraße 13 in order to meet growing demand. Furthermore, Dipl.-Ing. Friedrich Breithaupt (1907-1967) joins the company in 1932, making him the 6th generation of the Breithaupt family to enter the business.

Dr. phil. Georg Breithaupt (1873-1957)
Dipl.-Ing. Friedrich Breithaupt (1907-1967)
TEMIN Mining Suspension Theodolite
Sixth Generation and WW2

As the closing days of WW2 approached, the company suffered heavy destruction by bombing. The company with such a long timeline could not simply fade into hisotrical obscurity. In 1946, production in Kassel und Lohfelden began after authorisation from the US army.


Breithaupt Kassel waste no time in reclaiming their top spot. In the mid to late 50’s, their skilled engineers introduced a new precision optical theodolite which began a popular seller worldwide. Furthermore, a new precision mining theodolite for use in tunneling was introduced.

Seventh Generation

In 1967, G.-E. Breithaupt (*1938) and H.-H. Breithaupt (*1942) are leading the company in its seventh generation. More innovations are made with the introduction of railway track measuring systems, instruments for the automotive industry, meteorological instruments, tunneling applications as well as the introduction of electronic devices.

G.-E. Breithaupt (*1938) and H.-H. Breithaupt (*1942)
Dr. Hans-Friedrich Breithaupt
ISO Certification and 8th Generation

In 1999, Breithaupt Kassel received Acquisition of ISO 9001:1994 certification and establishment of quality management. Meaning their production facilities, techniques, machinery and team all meet a specific criteria recognised world wide for producing precision instruments.

In 2006, Dr. Hans-Friedrich Breithaupt joins management, making him the 8th generation of the family at the helm of the company.

As with many of us. We’re truly not sure what the future holds. The same can be said about any business, Breithaupt Kassel included.


However, a company with such a long lived and illustrious history is more than likely not going to fade into obscurity. Breithaupt Kassels family line and it’s excellent team of engineers, sales professionals and others have made sure of that.  Those who are with the company now, will doubt ensure that it will continue well on into the future. Considering its over 200 year history, likely beyond many of our lifetimes and of those that come after us.


As for the time being. Breithaupt Kassel still continue to uphold the highest of standard, many of which they likely, historically set in decades long gone. Producing modern, professional, highly accurate instruments for a range of sectors and uses. Including mining, quarrying, mapping, surveying, construction, engineering, observation and more. 

Breithaupt Kassel Gebru Transit compass clinometer in the open position
GEBRU Geological Compass Clinometer. One of Breithuapt Kassels flagship models within the geological range of instruments.

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All images, logos, colours schemes, dates and references to Breithaupt Kassel are taken from Breithaupt Kassel official website and with permission.


F. W. Breithaupt & Sohn
Adolfstr. 13
D-34121 Kassel

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