Cornish Tin - Early Investment Opportunity

“When they were abandoned there was still a great amount of entirely unexplored ground in the very heart of the area and there were lodes known at surface on which little or nothing had been done in depth.” (Jack Trounson, 1963 : reporting on the Great Wheal Vor mines).

Cornish Tin Ltd and Falcon Geological Supplies

Over the past seven years, director, Nitesh Patel has been lucky enough to have supplied a number of British mineral exploration projects. Notably, many in Cornwall. One of those being Cornish Tin Ltd. This has continued on from his previous company to this one. Axial Exploration and Drilling Supplies Ltd. (Also trading as Falcon Geological Supplies).


Playing a small part in the start up and continued growth of the company. Especially a British one, is something he has taken immense pride in. Having always enjoyed the outdoors and having an interest in British history, local history and stemming from his interest and studies in geology. Historical mines.

Great Wheald Vor Pump House
Great Wheal Vor Pump House remains - courtesy: Cornish Tin Ltd

Pallets of UCP Core Trays despatched from storage at our haulage depot.

Mineral Exploration Supplies

Among the many items Nitesh and his company have supplied over the years. UCP (Unique Core Tray Products) core trays are among the stand-out lines. Allowing the diligent team of geologists at Cornish Tin Ltd to safely hold drill core samples for logging, analysis, and long-term storage.

What is Tin?

Tin is a chemical element present on the periodic table. It has a silver colour and metallic lustre (when pure) and as far as metals go. Is fairly soft, being able to be cut, bent or shaped with very little force.


However, tin does not occur as the native element in the earths crust. As with many metals. It instead must be extracted from various ores. Cassiterite (SnO
2) is the only commercially important source of tin, producing favorable amounts when extracted. Though there are other sources, but many are not commercially viable.


In Cornwall, cassiterite is a constituent of igneous rocks. Often concentrated in high temperature quartz veins and pegmatites associated with granitic intrusives, which the area is geologically famous for.

Cassiterite Tin Ore
Cassiterite (Tin Ore) - Reno Chris at English Wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Wheal Vor Area

Cornish Tin – A Brief History

Historically, The British Isles were well known through parts of the world as a rich source of tin ore. Many in the country today, regardless of an interest in geology or not, often know as general fact of Cornwall’s rich history with the element. Which begs the question, why is there still so much down there?


The mines initially closed in the 1870’s not due to lack of ore, but more so due to illegal mining operations on the land. Once control of the situation was taken. There was still plenty in the ground. But poor mining practices of the time, red tape and level of technology created further hindrances.

Cornish Tin Ltd

Now, after over 150 years and through immense efforts of many professionals, from a broad spectrum of sectors and specialties. Mineral rights of the area have become unified and agreements have been standardised. Sped up by the UK and Europe’s need for access to critical minerals and to bring production back to home soil.


Having taken over five years to gather the information sort and propose and conclude. Cornish Tin Ltd are now moving on to their next chapter. And you can be a part of it!

Cornish Tin Ltd Logo
Cornish Tin Ltd Logo
Cornish Tin Limited Team
The Team at Cornish Tin Limited

Early Investment Opportunity

An excellent opportunity has since arisen for those interested in investing in an upcoming mining project related to tin.


Through ‘Crowdcube’, one can register their early interest as well as amount in investing with Cornish Tin Ltd and it’s Great Wheal project.


Click on the button link below to be taken to Crowdcubes official website, who are partnering with Cornish Tin Ltd for this excellent opportunity.


Axial Exploration and Drilling Supplies Ltd is not an investor of Cornish Tin Ltd, but a supplier of mineral exploration tools and supplies.


Investing in any business or commodity has with it, certain risks. Make sure to read and fully understand them before you proceed. Consult with a business advisor if you are unsure and speak to Cornish Tin Ltd or Crowdcube for further specifics on this particular investment opportunity.


Other than supplies of tools and equipment for the Great Weal Vor project. Axial Exploration and Drilling Supplies Ltd is not affiliated in any other way with Cornish Tin Ltd.


Axial Exploration and Drilling Supplies Ltd is not affiliated in any way with Crowdcube Capital Ltd nor its website or business practices.

UCP Core Trays Can Benefit Your Project

If your project is entering the drilling stage soon. You are no doubt going to require core trays to safely hold, secure, transport and store your projects most valuable assets. Your core samples! Check out the link below to view the benefits to your project by using UCP core trays.

Images: Courtesy of Cornish Tin Ltd, used with permission.

Information regarding investment opportunities with permission by Cornish Tin Ltd).


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