Rocks, Minerals and Fossils - Answered

We have recently began to receive inquiries from clients seeking to purchase mineral and rock samples. Particularly for educational pursuits. For smaller requirements, we would like to inform you that this is now a difficult field for us to pursue.


While we indeed have the knowledge, capacity and storage on 8 acres of farm land to store bulk samples without charge. Collecting such stock is no longer a hobby as it once was. Various other economical factors also play a role which make this particular endeavor uneconomical as per our current 5 year business plan.

Bulk Supply of Thulite
Thulite - a pink mineral in it's rough form. Norway.
Fossheim Steinsenter - Norway
The Fossheim Steinsenter owned by Torgeir Gamo. Fossheim, Norway

Years ago, our current consultant in mining geology, (Paul McCormick), had a large income from such a business. As did many others in this area of supply, (in both educational sectors and the collectors market). Drawing upon his mentors, such as (Hilary. T. Corke and Torgeir Garmo) to collect such material for others to sell.


Today, unless there is a self-employed person out there who wants to collect as a hobby, this is much more difficult. Moreover, logistics, driving, travel costs and so on have risen steeply. Not too mention the requirement of staff wages, insurance, food, lodging, safety ppe and so on. All things one did not factor in, in years gone. Either due to lone work or no regulation requiring to do so.

Additionally, many localities are closed or inaccessible, either through various government regulations or simply, the passage of time. In theory we could organise stocking a vast amount of rock/mineral material. Having secured storage space on the companies Plant Machinery operators, Mr Harrisons farmland, of which he had generously offered for us to use the 8 acre site for our needs as we wished.

Gusdal olivine pit
Gusdal Olivine Pit, Norway. One of the sources which the company has access to through Paul McCormick.
Bulk blocks of Obsidian sold as a single 1 tonne batch to Rockshop Wholesale Ltd

But the costs involved are prohibitive, running to tens of thousands of pounds. We are therefore here to inform those interested in this area of our service to note that we are strictly on a B2B (business to business) basis. This allows us to acquire, store and sell by the hundreds of kilos to tonnage. This is more economical and efficient for us, seeking to streamline our business model. We would be happy to discuss such a requirement with you if this is the case. If not, we list below possible alternatives which may be of interest to your requirements.

We therefore advise our customers seeking smaller to moderate quantities to establish contact with firms which deal in wholesale of such stocks ‘en mass’. While gift shop material will always been in plentiful supply. (colourful minerals, gemstones and certain fossils). Educational samples are in many cases not included in these supplies. Thus, require onsite collecting. This is where the difficulty for future supplies has arisen.


We hope this clears up/answer a number of questions we have been receiving.


Paul McCormick. BSc (Hons) – Geology, MSc – Environmental Geochemistry

Paul McCormick teaching Jonathan and Nitesh how to prep pyritised Ammonites.

If you require bulk minerals, gemstones, fossils or gift shop material.We suggest visiting Rockshop Wholesale Ltd. A company which we, and our consultant, Paul McCormick have close ties and a long standing relationship with. Click on the image to the right to be taken to their website.

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Article: Written by Paul McCormick. BSc (Hons) – Geology, MSc – Environmental Geochemistry


Edited and posted by: Caitlin Palmer – Falcon Geological Supplies Content Creator