UCP Core Trays - Schedule Update

Following an impressive first year of sales and supply of UCP core trays. Within both the UK and Europe on various mineral exploration drilling projects. We are pleased to announce that our second container of core trays set sail in early October. We expect the container to arrive early to mid-November at our logistics warehouse in Westhoughton.


There, the container will be de-vanned and inventoried before being racked. Note, that we have already received pre-orders for a fair amount of trays upon their arrival. If you wish to reserve your stock, please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience.

Why Choose UCP Core Trays?

UCP core trays, (Unique Core Tray Products), means just that. A unique core tray design which entered the market in the early 2010’s. Designed by Grant Wilson. (Managing director of UCP) and produced by his company in South Africa.


These core trays offer a host of benefits over others, including an ergonomic design, reductions on shipping costs, strong and robust and more.

Core Trays - NQ size
Core tray holding NQ size core samples
PQ and HQ size UCP core trays in a core shed awaiting logging and analysis.

Benefits of UCP Core Trays are as follows:

  • Snap lock design feature, requiring no tools to put together. While simultaneously decreasing storage space required for trays not currently in use.
  • Zincalume metal body which is rust and corrosion proof. Strong and robust for site use.
  • Nesting capability when not assembled reducing overall costs and transport costs.
  • Stacking capability when assembled, keeping samples in the tray below safe.
  • Drainage holes located at the edges and pointing outwards. To prevent cross-contamination.

UCP Accessories

UCP also produces a number of add-ons and accessories which exploration geologists can use in conjunction with their trays. Making tasks easier and increasing site efficiency and data accuracy. These items include:

  • Storage pods – securely store your core trays and assets in purpose built storage pods for long term storage or transport.
  •  Camera cradle – Use a UCP smart phone camera cradle to easily take a photograph of a core log. Which you can then later upload to ScanIt core logging software
  • ScanIt core logging software – Import core log photos taking on site or in the core shed to process, analysis, digitise and produce data to export for geological reports.
An example of efficient access to core samples, in this case for photography
UCP Camera Cradle to take digital photos of samples.
Axial Exploration and Drilling Supplies second container of core trays, loaded up at UCP's South Africa factory before being sealed and heading to the UK. - October 11th, 2023.

Why Choose Axial Exploration and Drilling Supplies?

Axial Exploration and Drilling Supplies Ltd, (also trading as Falcon Geological Supplies), is a recently established supplier of geological tools and exploration equipment with nearly 20 years experience in the sector and supply chain. Having worked with UCP’s managing director, Grant Wilson for nearly 7 years. We have supplied various projects with UCP core trays within the UK and Europe for various commodities, including tin, lithium, talc, tungsten and more.


We are well versed in the various advantages of UCP core trays and how they can benefit projects. Furthermore, our business set-up reduces a number of overheads which our competitors have. This means we can supply UCP core trays at a more economical cost to you, our valued clients. Which in turn, leads to lower expenditure and better profit margins for your project.

We currently have a number of core trays in stock if you require a small quantity or top up. With a second container scheduled for arrival in early to mid-November.


If you wish to secure your core trays in advance or want to find out more about how UCP core trays can benefit the drilling phase of your project. Please feel free to contact us via the contact form below.


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Posted by: Caitlin Palmer – Content Creator