Geological Sample Ticket Books

Geological sample ticket books are a common item which mineral exploration and field geologists use. Particularly during the early stages of a project. Often when hundreds, thousands and in some cases, hundreds of thousands of geological samples. Such as rocks, aggregate, mineral ores or sediments are taken from a field site, mine or quarry. The books allow the geologists, present and future as well as other analysists working on the project, to organise and collate the samples for easier reference later.

What is a Sample Ticket Book?

Simply put, a sample ticket book is a small notebook with a set number of pages within. Each page has a pre-printed layout (one one side only), which is the exact same through out the book. The only difference from one page to the next. Is the sequential sequence of numbers, often found along the top of outer most edge of the page. Such as 000001, 000002, 000003 and so on. This is what the geologists require in order to keep samples organised for later testing and analysis.

Geological Sample Ticket Books - Triple Counter Foil Front Cover
A basic geological sample ticket book
Geological Sample Ticket Book waterproof capabilities
An example of our ticket books waterproof properties

What Are They Made From?

Our range of sample ticket books are made from a synthetic, plastic based paper. For all intense and purposes, it behaves exactly like glossy paper. It has a shine to the surface and is smooth. However, it can be written on by both biro pen or pencil, and most importantly. Is waterproof. As field geologists are almost always working outdoors and samples are often obtained several feet under the ground. They are often wet or the weather is not favourable. A waterproof ticket book is therefore, essential.


In addition, our range of ticket books are also chemical proof and tear resistant. Ensuring the data you record is kept safe and secure. Not subject to accidental damage whilst in the field.

Ticket Book Layouts and Designs

Our ‘off the shelf geological sample ticket books all come with a standard layout design on each page. The layout is standardised, featuring most fields which field geologists will likely require for sampling projects. Additionally, they are pre-printed with basic number sequences and so are ready to go.


These are useful in the fact that they are often readily available and particularly good for small sampling projects. Especially where time is of the essence for getting to the project site.

Geological Sample Ticket Book - triple counter foil version
Our standard sample ticket book layout which is readily available.
Custom geological sample ticket books layout
An example of a custom layout we designed for a client for a drilling project in Finland. Note the tear out tags positioned at the end of the page instead.

Customs Layout Designs

For larger sampling projects, niche surveys or projects, already established. The ‘off the shelf’ standard layout may not be suitable. Particularly considering pre-printed number sequences.


We therefore provide the option to design a specific layout to your projects requirements. Including your own specific number sequence, which can include just number or a combination of letters and numbers. As well as adding your address, colour scheme, logo and so on to the book, cover or inside.


the designs are done in house, and we will work alongside you to get it right. Once you are happy, we then finalise and proceed to printing.


All of this, is free of charge.

Click on the Link below to view our range of standard geological sample ticket books. Should you have a requirement for a custom design. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch. And find out now how our range of ticket books are more cost efficient and advantageous to your project in comparison to others.

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Posted by: Caitlin Palmer – Content Creator