127 x 200 mm Grip Seal Sampling Bags


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127 x 200 mm Grip seal sampling bags, suitable for storage and transport of smaller size single samples or small quantities of material. The polythene is clear, allowing for easy visual observation of the contents. At 75 microns thick, the plastic will withstand most objects within. The grip seal features further allows an airtight seal, prevent loss of moisture from samples, or moisture getting in. The surface of the bags can be written on using most permanent marker pens to detail the contents. Ideal for exploration geology, drilling, hydrology, ecology or mechanical uses. Storing rocks, minerals, fossils, soils and sediments, intricate mechanical parts, plant matter and more.



  • Size: 127 x 200 mm (or 5 x 8 inches)
  • Thickness: 75 microns (or 350 gauge)
  • Colour: clear with no write on panels
  • Material: polythene
  • Closure: air tight grip seal

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127 x 200 mm Grip seal sampling bags are perfect for sample collection and storage on site or in the lab. Particularly for smaller quantities or single pieces of material. Including, rock, minerals (and ores), fossils, sediments such as sand, clay or soil, gravel or fossils. Their transparency allows for easy observation of the sample inside when cataloguing. Furthermore, the samples remain safely within the bag thanks to the grip seal closure. This prevents moisture from escaping, but also ensure moisture will not get inside either.


These particular bags are small in size, 127 x 200 mm (or 5 x 8 inches) of polythene. Furthermore, the plastic its self is 75 microns (350 gauge) thick, so will easily hold most aggregates, even if they have pointed surfaces.


127 x 200 mm Grip seal sampling bags have uses in many areas of sampling. From mineral exploration geologists, to land remediation surveyors, hydrologists, botanists and more. The small size allows for holding of many objects in addition to what we previously mentioned. Furthermore, those in engineering, automotive parts, mechanics and so on. May also benefit from our range of grip seal products. For the safe storage of small, intricate objects, including nuts, bolts, washers, attachments and more.


If you require a larger size of bag or an open top variation for larger/heavier sample loads, please click, HERE.

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