TruArc 15 Compass Clinometer


£55.00 ex VAT

The Brunton TruArc™ 15 is a well rounded base plate compass clinometer which provides users with a global needle, tool-less declination adjustment, internal clinometer needle as well as a hinge clinometer and a sighting mirror. The azimuth dial is mounted on a perspex base which features various mapping scales a bubble level for accuracy and a magnifier. An excellent piece of field equipment for geologists and field surveyors for undertaking strata and mapping projects.


• Dimensions: 10.16 x 6.3 x 1.5 cm
• Weight: 68 g
• Azimuth: 1˚ resolution
• Needle: global
• Clinometer: internal gravity driven, external, hinge operated

TruArc 15 Compass Clinometer is an excellent, high quality precision compass by Brunton. Boasting a range of features, which literally, fit into the palm of your hand. This particular instruments provides you with a global needle, meaning it will work anywhere in the world for you. Once compass, many projects. The face features a dual azimuth ring, going from 0˚ – 360˚, both clockwise and counter clock wise. These are in 1˚ resolution, for excellent accuracy, further more, a magnifier is present in order for you to read off the numbers easier. The needle is Bruntons ‘EverNorth’ magnet range and moves on jewel bearings in a liquid capsule, for fast movement and quick dampening. 


Furthermore, the capsule also displays a gravity driven clinometer needle, along with 0˚ – 90˚ East to West markings. The clinometer its self is also accurate, with 2˚ increments for reading. Making it ideal for slope angle or gauging heights of passes, peaks or trees.


The TruArc 15 Compass Clinometer capsule is further held within a solid plastic baseplate. On which you will also find a circular bubble level. This allows you to determine if your instrument is being operated level, thus improving accuracy when compared to other base plate compasses. The baseplate also provides you with a number of scales for mapping and engineering such as inches, mm, and various scales. The bottom middle of which also has a large magnifier, allowing you to easily read small print on maps.


The sighting mirror adds further features to the instrument. It has on it, a hinge inclinometer, allowing for simultaneous dip and strike readings if necessary. While the mirror and sighting notch allow you to obtain slope or height readings as well as perform triangulation. All in all, an excellent piece of kit for a range of users and applications. Whether that be professional, academic or students.

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