Auger T Bar Handle

SKU: 011001B

£90.00 ex VAT

T bar handle made from high quality, non-toxic steel for use with our range of soil augers to connect up the heads or extension rods. Using a bayonet connection for quick and easy assembly, the handle comes supplied with a coupling sleeve for added strength and security and it’s design and T shape allows for users to produce more torque, allowing you to core deeper into soil, sediment or materials. The handle ends are covered in a insulated PVC grip for added comfort and overall is 60 cm in length, allowing for connecting directly to an auger head if shallow coring is required.



  • Soil type: any
  • Length: 60 cm
  • Material: non toxic steel
  • Strength: high quality
  • Coupling: bayonet, coupling sleeve included
  • Finish: none

Auger T bar handle – so called because of it’s familiar shape to the letter. These handles attach to your auger extension rods. Necessary as they further, allow you to produce more torque when coring. Providing you with the ability to twist and drive the auger, deeper into the ground. Not only will you be able to sample from deeper down. But the handle is necessary for you to pull up and extract your soil core samples.


The auger T bar handle features non-toxic steel, thus your downhole and samples will not be contaminated. This is particularly useful should you be analysing the soil for traces of metallic elements. Using production methods that result in high-quality steel with solid strength. These extension rods are robust for field use a number of times over.


To view our range of auger heads and extension rods to use with these T bar handles. Please click, HERE.

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