Brunton Omni Slope Inclinometer


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The Brunton Omni Slope inclinometer is an accurate slope and height reading instrument made in the USA, providing users the ability yo view three scales, being: slope, forestry chain, and percent grade via the sighting finder on one end or by flat dial on the side. The mechanisms are housed with an anodised allow housing with a silicone case for added protection.



  • Scales: Slope in Degrees, 0-90° | 66′ Forestry Chain, 0-200′ | Slope Percent Grade, 0-150%
  • Dimensions: 76.3 x 8.8 x 1.3 cm
  • Weight: 335.6 g
  • Percent grade: 5% graduations
  • Housing: anodised aluminium, (with silicone case)

Brunton Omni Slope Inclinometer is a highly accurate 3-scale precision sighting instrument. It offers the convenience of an all-one item in your hand, providing you with slope, forestry chain, and percent grade scales. The inclinometer is plumb-bob style, always resting downward according to gravity. Its accuracy is due to the high-precision bearings within the instrument. This further allows you to read simultaneous measurements of vertical angles and percent grade quickly and accurately.


The Brunton Omni Slope Inclinometer features a sighting optic on one end. You can peer through this, whilst looking up at the rise of a slope, or top of a tree. Additionally, the optic provides x10 magnification, so you do not strain your eyes when taking measurements.


With comfort in mind, the mechanisms of the instrument are held within an anodised aliuminium body for protection. Additionally, a silicon cover also provides added protection whilst in the field or from accidental drops. But also is ergonomic, giving you a comfortable grip to hold the instrument by. It can be secured to a jacobs staff for further accuracy. Overall, the lightweight aluminium housing lends years of field reliability, and the precision pendulum gives fast and accurate readings. Whether you’re gauging the height of a tree, measuring avalanche danger, obtaining the angle of dip on a bed of rock, or judging the pitch of a cave this instrument can do it all.


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