Bulldog 32 mm Cold Chisel


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Bulldog 32 mm Cold Chisel with hand guard. An excellent moderate-width blade chisels for cutting, chipping, chiseling, or prying material. Including natural rock, stone masonry, brick, engineering blocks, and other materials found in construction. Featuring a solid forge construction of carbon steel for superior strength and durability. The head has a coat of epoxy resin which further increases life by preventing rust and deterioration. The shaft features a vinyl hand guard which is moulded. Offering you an excellent and comfortable grip while protecting your hands from hammer strikes. The 32 mm blade allows for more various uses compared to the 45 mm and 25 mm models, acting as a good mid-ground between the two.

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Bulldog 32 mm Cold Chisel featuring a hand guard for added safety. An excellent hand tool for site use that enables users to cut or chisel away natural stone. Its design is specifically for use on various materials, including construction such as bricks, engineering blocks, and masonry as well as stone. Using a solid forged design, cast in a single piece of carbon steel. The chisel has no weak point at which it could break. In addition, the head has a coating of epoxy resin, which is rust-resistant and further increases the strength and quality of the tool. Ensuring it will last longer when in use in the field or on-site.


The chisel tip features a 32 mm wide blade, placing it in the middle of the two other bulldog chisel models we have. This allows you to be more versatile, as the material can still be cut. Or you can chisel into a rock in order to pry it open. It also allows for chiseling into already narrow voids if need be.


An overall excellent hand tool, by an industry-renowned manufacturer. In addition, the Bulldog 32 mm cold chisel has a hand guard and grip. The vinyl grip allows for a comfortable hold and the hand guard provides extra protection to your hand when the tool is in use.

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