Estwing EB3 2LB Hammer


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Estwing EB3/2LB drilling hammer, or crack hammer, made in the USA is moderate weight drilling hammer with a small length handle. A head weight 910 grams, this model has a short length handle and lighter weight, making the tool easier to wield compared to the next models up. In addition, the handle has an anti-shock reduction grip. Suitable for breaking rock and aggregate, machining and with use on chisels, punches, star drills and hardened nails.



  • Weight: 910 grams
  • Head: flat faces (both sides)
  • Length: 26.7 cm
  • Handle: Vinyl shock reduction grip
  • Finish: Powder coat – blue

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Estwing EB3 2LB Hammer is a small-size drilling hammer, for use by mechanical engineers. Particularly on plant machinery and drill rigs. It is useful for knocking in large bolts, braces, beams, and bars. Thanks to its 2 lb weight, (907 grams). Which is the lightest and smallest of the drilling range of Estwing hammers. Therefore, in comparison, it has fairly good ergonomics, easy to wield and control while still delivering fairly heavy strikes.


The Estwing EB3 2LB Hammer like other Estwings uses a single piece of steel during production. This means the head and shaft are of one single piece of American steel. Further, ensuring no weak points in its construction. This is a must for hammers that will be in use regularly and every day. Additionally, the head features, two wide flat faces which are ideal for knocking against objects. This, however, makes the suitable for heavy-duty rock breaking if you are looking to obtain rough field samples. Particularly of harder rocks. Such as granites, marbles, or minerals such as gold ore which may occur alongside plenty of quartz. In addition, it is also suitable for use with chisels, punches, star drills, and hard nails. As it permits heavy blows with each swing.


The handle features the patent vinyl shock reduction grip which has a pitted texture and widens toward the end. This ensures an ergonomic and comfortable grip for the user. The shaft and most of the head, in turn, have a metallic blue powder coat finish. In which the flat striking faces are machine milled with a polish, giving them a bright, metallic luster.


For further information on choosing the right hammer for you, visit our ‘Guide and Care’ page, which you can find: HERE.

For official Estwing product care, view their guide page by visiting: HERE.

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