Picard Geologist Hammer – Chisel Edge with Leather Grip

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The Picard chisel edge geologist hammer is ideal for geological field work such as sample collecting. Manufactured in Germany from a single piece of forged steel, the head features both a chisel end for splitting, chipping and chiselling and a flat face for pulverising rock and aggregate. With a head weight of 1 lbs and a classic leather grip to reduce fatigue and vibrations. This is an excellent pick to rival others.



  • Head: chisel edge and flat face
  • Head weight: 1 lbs, (500 grams)
  • Total weight: 2 lbs (910 grams)
  • Material: Picard steel – single forged piece
  • Length: 320 mm
  • Handle: Leather grip
  • Finish: bright with transparent lacquer spray

SKU PIC_ 4016671024654 Category

Picard tools, manufactured in Germany provided excellent quality and robust steel for tough jobs. The Geologist chisel edge hammer features a 500 gram (1 lbs ) head weight, (910 grams including the handle) which features a flat striking face for crushing and breaking rock and a chisel edge for chiselling, chipping, splitting and extraction. Suitable for geological field work on mapping projects, academic projects for sample collecting as well as mining and drilling projects. The hammer measures a total length of 320 mm and is made from a single piece of alloyed PICARD steel which has been carefully hardened and tempered to produce a tough, long lasting strike tool. The handle features the classic, leather grip which has been treated and capped at the end, for better comfort in ones hand during use and reduces impact vibrations.

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