Composite Hand Trowel

SKU: FSK137000

£5.00 ex VAT

Small, hand trowel by Fiskars made from FiberComp™ making it robust, hard wearing and lightweight, for gold panning, prospecting and sediment sampling in streams, creeks and river beds. Allows you to easily dig or move soil, mud, silt, clay gravel and small pebbles with ease.

An excellent hand trowel by Fiskars, which is ideal for those undertaking prospecting and gold panning, particularly in stream and river beds. The trowel is made from FiberComp™ material, which is extremely lightweight but also extremely durable, making it ideal for outdoor use. Particularly where pebbles, gravel and grit may be present. This material also gives the tool a light weight, saving your wrists and arms from straining when digging or overturning material. The lack of metal means it will never rust, keeping it in a good conditions for a long time.


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