Aluminium Magnifier Loupe x10

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An economical pocket loupe magnifier lens made from aluminium with a plastic housing around the optics. This magnifier offers users x 10 magnification with a 18 mm diameter viewing field. The optics housed in rugged plastic can swing into the aluminium body for protection when used in the field.



  • Magnification: x10
  • Lens diameter: 18 mm
  • Optics: single glass
  • Body: Aluminium

Aluminium magnifier loupe x10 is an excellent, economical all-rounder hand lens for a number of uses. It offers you x10 power and quality magnification by two plastic optics, held apart by a spring. This double optic reduces spherical abrasion when observing objects or materials. A small, 18 mm diameter field of view, though small, significantly reduces spherical distortion during observations further. The optics are within a plastic housing. Furthermore, this housing can swing in, on itself into the main body of the magnifier. Perfect for when it is not in use and offers added protection.


Aluminium magnifier loupe x10 body construction is lightweight aluminium. This provides users with a tough magnifier for use out in the field or lab. However, it also has a smooth, metallic appearance and weighs much less than other models we offer. Further, dirt and grime can easily be removed by wiping clean.


In terms of magnifier lenses, it has all the standard features one expects. An ergonomic design, for comfortable use, and rounded edges. This further makes it suitable for geology and earth science students, though a number of students in others fields may wish to use this magnifier as well. Such as those in the fields of ecology, entomology, botany, sediments, antiques and more will find this hand lens of valuable use.


For the all-metal version of this hand lens, please click, HERE.

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