Edding 1800 Mapping Pen – 0.5 mm


£2.99 ex VAT

The ideal standard for fine, technical writing and mapping projects for geologists the world over, the Edding 1800 fine liner provides users with a 0.5 mm stroke in optional colours. The pigment ink is able to write on most papers and remain without being smeared or fading. (this exclude waterproof or coated papers).

The Edding line of 1800 profipens have long since been used by many from students, to acedemics to industry professionals to note and map sites or on field work. The profipen uses fast drying, waterproof pigment ink and is able to write on most papers. The exceptions being coated papers, where the ink can smear or be smudged. A metallic frame houses the nib, providing strength and accuracy and an ergonomic grip allows you to write and draw field notes and sketches in excellent details. Available in four colours, this model write with a 0.5 mm width stroke.

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