WeatherWriter® Pro – A4 Portrait


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WeatherWriter® Pro clipboards, designed for field use on sites in all weather conditions. These clipboards are suitable for use by field geologists, mining surveyors, land remediation, agriculture and academic projects. This model provides users with an A4 size, portrait orientation clipboard which pops open, allowing you to secure your notes under a weatherproof hood for safety and easy note taking. The hood can be closed and fastened when not in use, allowing the clipboard to be flipped over and used as a regular clipboard should weather conditions be favorable.



  • Paper size: A4
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Colour: Black PVC
  • Pen pockets: yes
  • Top: clear

WeatherWriter Pro – A4 Portrait is an award winning stationary product. Suitable for field work professionals and students. It provides you with a safe area to take down field notes and draw sketches. All the while, protecting your important data from the elements.


This particular model is the most well known and is portrait in orientation. You can hold up to A4 size sheets of paper within. The inside features a lifting clip which holds your sheets of paper, maps or notes. A pop up hood further allows you to observe and write or draw. Whilst shielding you from the rain, wind or snow. The hood features springs, which pop the hood up and help it remain open. When not in use, simply close the hood and fasten with the Velcro closure. The top of the hood is also clear. Allowing you to view the notes underneath if required. Doubling as a waterproof map and note case. Furthermore, the rear of the item also features a clip. In better weather conditions you can just fix your sheets of paper under this, and use it as a normal clipboard.


The WeatherWriter Pro – A4 Portrait production formula uses special plastic mixtures. Producing a strong, element resistant cover around the clipboard. Ensuring it will last for many years to come. It will not freeze, dry out of crack.


An excellent, high quality piece of field equipment for any academic, industry professional, enthusiast or student who will undertake any form of field work. Black in colour and coming in at a light weight of only 700 grams.


For the landscape orientation version of this clipboard, please click, HERE.

  • WeatherWriter® is a trademark of VIP WeatherWriter Ltd. All genuine WeatherWriter® products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

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