Suunto M3 Compass Clinometer – G


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Suunto M3 compass clinometer is a field mapping piece of equipment suitable for use by hikers, surveyors and geologists. It features a global needle, gravity operated clinomter, adjustable declination and an azimuth dial. All within a rugged clear base plate, which provides users with imperial and metrix scales to aid in mapping, a magnifier and a lanyard for safe keeping. Suitable for field use whether you are a geologist performing dip and strike, a hiker navigating the open country, a surveyor checking slope angles or a forestry professional determining the height of trees.



  • Dimensions: 120 x 61 x 14 mm
  • Weight: 48 grams
  • Needle: Global
  • Clinometer: Yes – gravity driven
  • Declination: Adjustable
  • Scales: Metric and Imperial
  • Compass degrees: 2° increments
  • Clinometer markings: 0 ± 90° (in 2° increments)

Suunto M3 compass clinometer is a premium model with global abilities. It lacks a sighting mirror, making this version more lightweight than the MC2 models. The base plate is made of robust clear plastic, able to withstand conditions from hot and dry to cold and wet. Additionally, it also features a total of seven, metric and imperial map scale for added benefit to users.


The compass has an azimuth face, reading from 0 to 360° with a resolution and accuracy of 2°. The needle is allows for global use, giving the instrument the ability to work anywhere in the world. Jewel bearings make the needle move quickly and point to the north while the liquid-fill capsule aids in the dampening of the needle and provides stability. Furthermore, you can adjust the declination with the small key that comes with the instrument.


Within the capsule is a gravity-driven clinometer needle ranging from 0° to 90° either way, which one can use to determine height or slope angles. For geoscientists, it helps determine the dip and strike of a plane of rock and provides this in increments of 2°. The luminescent markings allow use in low light conditions and a magnifier on the base plate allows users to read small text on maps. It also compass clinometer comes with a snap lanyard, keeping it safe and secure whilst in use and preventing accidental drops.


Overall, the Suunto M3 compass clinometer is an excellent instrument for use by professionals, hobbyists, and students alike. Coming with a host of features that make it applicable to a number of sectors or studies.

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