Estwing E3-14P Rock Pick

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The Estwing E3-14P rock pick, is a small size pointed tip, modern geological hammer, with a moderate weight of 396 grams and a length of 330 mm, the handle is covered in anti-shock vinyl with a pitted surface for better grip. The head features both a flat face and a point tip, making it suitable for breaking rock or chipping and prying. Made from a single piece of American steel for superior strength and quality.



  • Weight: 396 grams
  • Head: Flat face with pointed tip
  • Length: 27.9 cm
  • Handle: shock reduction vinyl
  • Finish: brushed steel with lacquer

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Estwing E3-14P rock pick is a compact, lightweight geological hammer for geologists and hobbyists. Ideal for use in geology sample collecting, rock hounding, and fossil or mineral collecting. Additionally, its small size and weight make it an excellent portable rock hammer without adding unnecessary weight.


The Estwing E3-14P rock pick features a head with a pointed tip, which is ideal for chipping and prying rock or extracting fossil samples and crystals. Furthermore, on the opposite side, one will find the usual, flat striking face. This is suitable where force is advantageous, breaking down or crushing rock. In addition, the rock pick has a moderate-weight head and is 27.9 cm long. Therefore it is very easy to control while still offering adqquate force behind each strike. The shaft and head are brushed steel, which is lacquered to improve the shelf life and appearance.


Like other Estiwng tools, it features a single piece of double-tempered American steel. The weight is around 14 ounces or 396 grams. The handle features blue shock reduction vinyl which provides user comfort with each strike. Furthermore, the handle has a pitted texture and ergonomic shape and design. This improves comfort and grip for the user.


For further information on choosing the right hammer for you, visit our ‘Guide and Care’ page, which you can find: HERE.

For official Estwing product care, view their guide page by visiting: HERE.

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