Estwing Gad Pry Bar


£50.00 ex VAT

The gad pry bar by Estwing is an excellent tool for onsite and exploration, building and mining use. Made from solid, American steel with a pointed tip on one end and a flat head crow bar on the opposite. This makes the tool excellent for use a a chisel and pry bars, allow for chipping away loose rock, prying open cracks or extracting other materials.



  • Material: American steel
  • Coat: blue powder paint
  • Dimensions: 45.7 cm length
  • Weight: 0.56 kg


The Estwing gad pry bar is an excellent tool for mineral exploration projects, as it provides users with excellent leverage abilities they may otherwise not have with just a hammer or chisel. In additional, the tool also doubles as a chisel with a pointed tip and chisel edge on either side of the bar. The pointed tip is excellent for breaking, chipping away at, and cracking open rocks and hard materials where as the chisel edge is suitable for prying and lifting. The long bar allowing for leverage to be applied. The tools is forged from a single piece of American steel with a powder blue coating. It measures 45.7 cm in total and weighs 0.56 kg, making it both light and easy to transport.

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