Faithful Geologists Rock Pick


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The Faithful tools 22oz geological rock pick, is a versatile hammer intended for use by geologists in the field for obtaining rock, mineral, crystals or fossil samples. It comes in at 624 grams, features a steel head with a flat face for crushing and a pointed tip for chipping and extraction. The head is affixed to a genuine piece of American hickory, which forms the handle, offering excellent shock reduction with each strike.



  • Weight: 620 grams
  • Head: Flat face with pointed tip
  • Length: 30 cm
  • Handle: American hickory
  • Finish: natural

Faithful geologists rock pick is an economical 22oz geological hammer by Faithful Tools. This strike tool features a genuine American hickory handle, a type of wood known for its excellent shock absorption properties and strength. The head is a tempered piece of steel. Thus making it suitable for use in the field for the breaking of various rocks and aggregates. The hammer weighs 624 grams, with the head possessing a flat face, for cracking or breaking down rock into smaller sizes. A pointed tip end for the picking or extraction of samples, such as crystals, minerals, or fossils.

The Faithful geologists rock pick comes in at 30 cm in length, an ideal weight for easy control. The hickory handle possesses an ergonomic shape, therefore allowing better grip and comfort for the user. The head is secure in place to the handle by epoxy resin, creating a strong and secure bond. While the steelhead will last quite some time, it is more suitable for soft to medium-strength rocks. It should also be well maintained and sharppen periodically. In addition, we recommend that safety or PPE is worn when using a hammer, such as goggles and gloves.

For further information on choosing the right hammer for you, visit our ‘Guide and Care’ page, which you can find: HERE.

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