COCLA Stratum Compass


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The COCLA by Breithaupt Kassel is a specifically designed stratum mapping compass made in Germany., ideal for field, surveying, and mapping to obtain geophysical, mining, and tectonic measurements using the Dr. Clar method. The azimuth face allows for accurate readings up to 1°, accuracy is further gained by the use of the inbuilt bubble level to ensure a flat reading is taken. The base of the dial is transparent, allowing for the viewing of a map underneath or for viewing the directional readings from both above and below. The mechanisms are contained within a one-piece robust alloy housing.



  • Needle dampening: 3 seconds
  • Transparent Azimuth
  • Intervals of graduation 1°
  • Hinge inclinometer: 270° (5° graduations)
  • Declination: ± 30° Adjustable (without opening the housing

The COCLA stratum compass by Breithaupt Kassel in Germany. It provides users with an excellent, robust, and accurate compass for field, survey, and mine mapping. It boasts a number of features which make it suitable to obtain geophysical, mining, and tectonic measurements as per Dr. Clar (geology professor) method. This allows you to take azimuth strike and angle of dip readings simultaneously in one single operation. The face displays a typical azimuth dial with 1° graduations with a declination adjustment of ±30°. A bubble level that is observable from above and below to ensure accuracy.


The COCLA stratum compass also incorporates a hinge inclinometer to allow for angle measurements. Providing a dip measurement range of 270°, graduated in 5°. The dial/face is also transparent, so allows viewing of direction readings from above and below.


The delicate components of the instruments are within a robust alloy housing unit with a metallic blue and brushed silver finish. In addition, A leather case is also supplied for additional protection. Furthermore, it provides you with the ability to loop the compass onto your belt for easy transport and access. Overall, this instrument is crucial for those within the mining sector. It does not require much space and can be easily carried.


For further information on the history of Breithaupt Kassel precision instruments, please click: HERE.

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