COMTA Mining Compass


£1,380.00 ex VAT

The COMTA suspension mining compass is a cardanic suspended instrument intended for mining survey, such as in tunnels and shafts. Featuring and East to West orientation which when suspended, provides directional readings in mines, an 80 mm needle, accuracy of ± 0,1°, an azimuth dial and declination adjustment of ± 30°. This highly accurate device is suitable for mining geological surveys.


  • “Kassel”-type cardanic suspension device with adjustable bearings; foldable
  • High quality 80mm needle with adjustable inclination weight
  • Graduation: 1° / 1gon
  • High precision accuracy of ± 0,1°
  • Declination adjustment (± 30°)
  • Weight: 400 grams

COMTA Mining Compass for use undertaking underground mining surveys and mapping. The COMTA uses a cardanic, (East to West) orientation suspension. The bearings of which are adjustable, therefore allowing you to obtain directional readings within mines and tunnels.


The compass has an 80 mm needle and the inclination weight is adjustable. Making the compass global, able to work anywhere in the world. The graduations on the dial are in 1° increments, thus you will benefit from high precision accuracy of ± 0.1° as well as declination adjustment of ± 30°.  The dial its self is azimuth going from 0 – 360° and the instrument is made from an none magnetic alloy with a black and metallic blue finish.


The COMTA mining compass weighs only 400 grams and can fold up to take up less space. For added ease of use, the needle also has a handy locking mechanism, locking it in place. Therefore you can remove the compass from its position and read of the measurements under better viewing conditions. The mining compass works in conjunction with the COGRA suspension mining clinometer. Which additionally allows you to take both directional and dip or slope and angle measurements together.

  • Can be used alongside the COGRA clinometer, which can be found, HERE.

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