Geological Buff Sample Tags


£1.10£17.00 ex VAT

White colours buff sample tag measuring 105 x 50 mm, made from strong paper with a hole at the top with a grommet for added strength.

Geological buff sample tags are made from strong, buff-coloured paper. A hole to thread a fastener such as a string or tie through is present. Each tag is made from strong paper and is white in colour and measures 105 x 50 mm. A hole is present at the top which also has a grommet around it to strengthen the area and prevent accidental tearing or ripping off, of the tag. Available in various quantities, made in South Africa for the mining sector.


Geological buff sample tags are paper-based. Should you require a weatherproof tag with embossing properties. You can view our aluminium sample tags by clicking, HERE.

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