Silva Expedition S Compass Clinometer

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Silva Expedition S compass clinometer is ideal for use by teachers and students undertaking geological or earth science field work. The device allows users to obtain dip and strike measurements as well as height, sighting and orientation. Made from robust plastic with a liquid filled dampening capsule. the hinge mirror features a sighting notch while the base plate features map scales and a magnifier for map reading. Balance for use in the northern hemisphere only.

Silva Expedition S compass clinometer is an instrument in use by professional and earth science or geology students. Perfect to obtain directional readings, perform dissertation and geological mapping projects and further for its economical price and ease of use.


Silva Expedition S compass clinometer features a sturdy clear plastic baseplate and displays a number of scales on the base as well as rulers. These include: mm or inches and GPS scales 1:25,000 and 1:50,000. A magnifier is also present to read the smaller print on OS or geological maps. Furthermore, the lanyard its self is a map scale. The quality needle provides fast and accurate directional readings. This is thanks to its jewel bearings and liquid filled capsule. Which allows for smooth movements of the needle and quick dampening. However, it is balanced only for the northern hemisphere.


Declination however, is adjustable with the additional key. An included hinged sighting mirror and notch allow for triangulation and distance to be taken. The gravity driven clinometer is on the azimuth dial. It provides users with the ability to obtain dip readings from 0 – 90 degrees. All in all, an excellent tool for field geologists, professional, students or otherwise to have in their pockets.


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