Mineral Core Saw Blades


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Mineral Core Saw blades are suitably designed to fit and be used with manual core saws as well as the Corewise automatic machine. Available in various alternative models suited to different materials. The blades, which are color-coded are available for soft, medium, hard, very hard, and ultra-rock rocks, aggregates, ores, and minerals.


The blades also come supplied in two diameter sizes, 300 mm and 350 mm diameter. Bore sizes on all blades however remain at 25.4 mm. Fitting the majority of machines. Each blade is segmented, allowing for better heat dissipation, and is suitable for wet cutting which will ensure lubrication as well as a longer life.



  • Diameter: 300 and 350 mm
  • Blade: Diamond
  • Bore: 25.4 mm
  • Segments: Yes
  • Material: Various – ranging from soft to hard, see options available
  • Manual core saws: Yes
  • Automatic core saws: Yes

Mineral Core Saw blades have a specific design to fit and use with manual core saws as well as the Corewise automatic machine. Available in various alternative versions to suit the different materials on your mineral exploration project. These core saw blades have a range of benefits that make them suitable for cutting through rock, aggregate, and pure minerals. With soft to ultra-hard versions available.


Industry Standard

With the goal of cutting through even ultra-hard rock where necessary, whilst still providing a long-life blade. Specifically for the mineral exploration industry. Various options are therefore available which are suitable for a range of materials from soft, to hard, to very hard and ultra-hard. These are all in relation to minerals, such as gypsums, schists, basalts, rhyolites, granites, and many more.


While other sellers may sell or supply general-purpose blades, (often targeting mainly the construction industry). These often become dull in a short period of time when used exclusively on minerals. Our range of blades specifically for geological purposes with minerals is their primary use. It is, therefore, imperative to use approved blades from a trusted, knowledgeable supplier within the industry.



Our mineral core saw blades are available in two diameters, 300 mm, and 350 mm. The 300 mm variants are most common on automatic core saws, whereas both sizes can be used on manual core saws. Each blade has numerous segments, which allows for heat dissipation during cutting, and where possible, water should be present to ensure cooling of the blade as well as reduce harmful dust particles in the air. Each blade has a specific colour, making for easy identification to users, whether it be on the shelf awaiting use or already installed on a machine. All blades come with a 25.4 mm bore, making them fit most large-scale saws. Including manual and automatic.

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